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3 ways renting a vacation home will save my family $1,000 this summer

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Talk about a good amount of savings.

Key points

  • Private vacation homes are becoming an increasingly popular means of securing accommodation while traveling.
  • By skipping the hotel for our summer vacation, my family hopes to save a good $1,000, and maybe more.

The first time I booked accommodation in a private vacation home instead of a hotel, I was a bit nervous. After all, with a vacation rental, there’s always the chance that the property may not look the way you expect it to or may not be in the condition you expect. Of course, the same could happen with a hotel. But generally, if you book with a major chain, it’s less likely.

But these days, staying in a hotel is something my family rarely does. Rather, we use vacation rentals for most of our travel. In fact, we’ve already rented a beach house for a week’s getaway this summer. And by skipping the hotel, it looks like we could save a good $1,000 in the process, if not more. That is how.

1. We don’t have to pay for a pet sitter

Pet sitting can be expensive, especially when you need it full time. That’s why we generally try to rent vacation properties that allow pets. Often that means paying a modest pet fee. But that fee pales in comparison to what a pet sitter might cost us. For example, I think this time we will pay an additional $150. But a pet sitter could cost more than $100 a day.

Also, I don’t really like the idea of ​​having to leave my dog ​​when I go on vacation. Since my family tends to do a lot of outdoor activities, all we really need is a dog-friendly home to incorporate into our plans.

2. We can cook many of our meals

When you stay in a hotel, you’re often crammed into a small room that comes with a mini fridge if you’re lucky. But for a week-long trip, that would mean having to eat almost every meal in a restaurant. And the costs could really add up.

By booking a private vacation home, my family has access to a full kitchen equipped with pots, pans, and all the utensils and tools we need to cook and prepare food. Now, this doesn’t mean we won’t go out to dinner once or twice. After all, it is a vacation. But now, we are not required to pay for every meal.

3. We will not have to pay for parking on the beach

Because we were able to find a vacation home within walking distance of the beach, we won’t have to shell out extra money for beach parking. In the area we are visiting, many hotels are not on the beach, so that would have been an additional expense.

It feels good to save

My husband and I work hard throughout the year and enjoy escaping the daily grind with our children. But since this isn’t our first family trip this year, we’re not looking to rack up a big credit card bill in the process. Fortunately, by staying in a private home, we’re looking to save $1,000 off the cost of our trip. And that makes me feel so much better about escaping.

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