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This card can change the way you pay for everything, forever

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Curve combines your entire wallet into one convenient payment card and comes with several unique perks.

Key points

  • Curve is a payment card that connects to your other debit and credit cards and allows you to pay with any of them.
  • Additional benefits include 1% cash back for the first six months and the option to switch a transaction from one card to another.
  • It is currently launching in the United States and has a waiting list available for potential applicants.

Curve is the solution for a wallet full of debit and credit cards. It’s a payment card and an app, only it allows you to add all your other cards to your Curve wallet. You can then choose which of those cards you want to pay with each time you use your Curve card.

Already available in Ireland and the UK, this all-in-one payment card is now coming to the US. Here’s a first look at Curve and how you can join the waitlist.

How Curve works

The idea behind Curve is simple, but it makes managing payment methods a lot easier. When you set up your Curve account, you can add your debit and credit cards as payment methods. It’s compatible with:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • diner club

The only notable omission is American Express cards, which cannot be added to Curve. American Express has stopped Curve from supporting its cards twice, so we probably won’t see this option available anytime soon.

Your Curve card can be used to pay with any of those cards you’ve added. For example, you can pay with Curve and have it load your Chase or Discover card for the purchase. Instead of carrying all the payment cards you have, you only need to carry one.

Now, that’s just useful, but it’s not exactly groundbreaking. Payment apps also give you a way to pay by card without having that card with you (to be fair, not all merchants accept app payments). It’s the additional benefits of Curve that make it that much more interesting.

Special functions with Curve

Here are the extra features you get with Curve:

  • Refund of money: Through an introductory offer, you get 1% cash back on eligible purchases during the first six months of card ownership. That’s on top of everything you’re already earning with rewards credit cards on those transactions.
  • Go Back in Time®: You can switch payments from one card to another up to 30 days after the transaction is made. A transaction can be moved in this way a maximum of once.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee: There is no foreign transaction fee when paying with Curve, even if the underlying card you are using would charge this type of fee.
  • Smart rules: You can automate which cards are used for which purchases by setting up smart rules. Options include telling Curve which card to use for a specific spending category and which cards to use for transactions greater or less than certain amounts.
  • Shame Protection: If your selected payment card does not process, Curve will cover it with your Curve credit. Restrictions apply. Based on early user reports, the credit limit is $500, these transactions do not earn rewards, and they are not eligible for the Go Back in Time® feature.

Based on those features, Curve should be extremely useful for anyone interested in earning cash back or travel rewards.

Just by using Curve, you can earn an additional 1% cash back on eligible purchases for six months. If you use Curve with a credit card that earns unlimited 2% cash back, you’re effectively earning 3% for the first six months.

For those with multiple credit cards, smart rules are a great way to maximize credit card rewards. For example, you could tell Curve to pay with your grocery rewards card at the grocery store, with your dining rewards card when you eat out, and with a card that earns you unlimited 2% cash back on your other purchases.

If a transaction ends up on the wrong card, like a grocery purchase on your dining card, no problem. Use the Go Back Time® feature to move that transaction where you’ll earn the most rewards.

Join the waiting list

If you are interested in getting the Curve card, please visit the Curve website. Click “Join Waiting List” and enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Curve will send you a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your place on the list. Mine went to the spam folder, so check there if you haven’t received it in a few minutes.

While Curve is only in the early stages of launching its card in the US, it’s worth checking out if you have multiple credit cards or are a rewards enthusiast. Some of the features are definitely more useful than others (embarrassment protection seems to have more restrictions than benefits). Overall, it could be a great help in managing payment methods and earning more shopping rewards.

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