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Travel a lot in 2022? 5 credit card benefits to pursue

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All of this could make your trip more affordable.

Key points

  • Many credit cards offer ways to save money and earn rewards while traveling.
  • It might be worth applying for a new credit card or two before your travel plans begin.

To say that 2020 was not a great year for travel would be an understatement. And while many people had hoped to increase their travel in 2021, the increase in the summer delta variant derailed many of those plans.

At this point, however, many consumers intend to travel more in 2022. And with COVID-related restrictions largely out of the picture nationally, that may be more feasible.

If you’re planning a lot of travel this year, it’s important to use the right credit cards when booking and enjoying your plans. Here are five benefits that you should do your best to try to benefit from.

Some people only have limited patience for road trips. But if you have plans to drive to multiple destinations, then it’s worth signing up for a credit card that offers extra cash back at the pump. Seeing as gas prices rise across the board and could go even higher in the summer, you could end up with a lot of cash if you go this route.

2. Free checked baggage on flights

Gone are the days when airlines offered anything for free. Now, if you want to check a bag on your flight, you have to pay, that is, unless you have a credit card that gives you a free checked bag. Many travel reward credit cards offer this benefit, so it’s worth getting one if you intend to do a lot of air travel.

3. Discounts on purchases on board

Planning to get free meals on your flights? Think again. If you’re flying domestically and want to be fed on a flight, you’ll usually have to pay for food out of pocket. But if you get the right travel rewards card, you can get a nice discount on those meals, snacks or drinks.

If your vacation plans include visiting theme parks, it’s worth looking into which credit cards offer additional rewards points for purchasing tickets. You may be able to redeem those points for cash to help you take additional trips.

5. Restaurant bonus points

If you’re going to be traveling a lot, that may mean going out to dinner a lot. And that could be very expensive. The good news, however, is that some credit cards offer additional cash back on restaurant purchases, and that could help offset the expense of having to buy food while you’re on the go.

Save money on your trips

If you haven’t traveled much since before the pandemic, you’re in good company. But if you’re going to do your share of upcoming trips, it pays to be strategic about the credit cards you use.

Take a look at the cards you have now and make sure they offer the benefits above. And if not, submit some new card applications now, before you’re ready to embark on whatever your next trip entails.

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